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Location and Micro-Climate

Located about 7 miles from the coast and on the southern end of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, Kruse Estate Vineyards is in a unique position with our cool micro-climate, securing perfect and prized conditions for the varietals we have chosen: Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, and Chardonnay.

Our fruit is exposed to brisk foggy mornings brought in by the marine influence, which burns off to early afternoon sun warming and ripening the fruit. Following, invigorating breezes blow through “the Templeton Gap”, as the locals call it, which cools the fruit down and maintains the integrity of the varietals we have planted. Our Estate vineyard consists of 40 acres: 24 acres of Pinot Noir, 7 acres of Syrah, 5 acres of Chardonnay, and 4 acres of Grenache. These varieties were selected to fit the unique micro-climate of the vineyard’s location.

Vineyard Layout and Clones

Pinot Noir - Each clone brings it’s own personality and flavors.  Having multiple clones to work with gives Doug more “spices in his spice rack” when he is working with the barrels and putting the different wines together.  We prefer to create a “New World” style of Pinot, showcasing the intense essence of the fruit which is what we focus on while nurturing the vineyard.

Clones 2A, 115, Pommard5, and 667. Comprising the center of the original vineyard, the Pinot Noir covers the crest of the vineyard and enjoys a south-western exposure as the rows step down a gentle grade. The orientation of the rows are in an east-west arrangement.
Clone 943. This clone is located in the new vineyard in the Turkey Block, running in a north-south direction and has a rigorous upward slope with tons of southern exposure.
Clone 828.  Also located in the new vineyard, this clone is laid out in an east-west track enjoying mostly south-western exposure known as the Varga Block.

Syrah - The beauty of Syrah in this vineyard is the cool-climate influences on the fruit which brings an elegance and prettiness to the wine vs. a warmer climate Syrah.

Clone: Syrah-Noir.  Located at the lowest southern point in our original vineyard, (due to it’s later bud in the spring and therefore lesser chance of receiving frost damage in the lower area), the Syrah also enjoys a south-western exposure with rows running east and west.
Clone 174.  Located in the newer vineyard in the Coyote Block, this Syrah runs east and west, ascending a steep hill with mostly eastern exposure.

Grenache -

Clones 814 & 362. Four acres were planted in the new vineyard back in 2005.  The Grenache rows run east-west and have more of a south-eastern exposure.

Chardonnay - The Chardonnay that comes off this vineyard is consistently outstanding, producing signature tropical components that have established quite a following.

Clone 05. Enjoying the coolest location in the vineyard on the northernmost slope, the Chardonnay cascades down from the Pinot Noir in an east-west layout with a cool northern exposure.  It enjoys all the morning rays, but is protected from the stronger afternoon sun which the Pinot Noir and Grenache capture.

Farming Practices

We live where we work, we raise our children in our home surrounded by our vines; how we farm our vineyard has a direct effect on our quality of life…we believe and practice ethical and sustainable farming.