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2012 Concrete Blonde

The 2012 Concrete Blonde was fermented, then aged in concrete only for 9 months. The wine shows true expression of the Chardonnay from our vineyard. Its Chablis-like characteristics include notes of green apple and jasmine flowers, with a lovely chalky minerality on the finish.

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2012 Estate Chardonnay

Our Estate Chardonnay is aged shortly in French oak and does not go through malolactic fermentation, preserving the crisp fruit flavors from the vineyard while the touch of oak integrates elegance. The wine is showing beautifully now, late 2014, but will continue to age nicely for another 3 years. Flavor profile: Golden delicious apples, ripe pear, lively acidity

Price: $36.00 Qty:

2013 Estate Pinot Noir

Our Estate Pinot Noir is a blend of 6 different clones grown on our vineyard. Each block offers a different unique component in the final blend, making this a wonderfully balanced and complex Pinot. This “California style” offers abundant red fruits and a hearty backbone with firm tannins and acidity. Should begin opening up Spring 2014 and enjoy for up to 5 more years. Flavor profile: red cherry; raspberry; wild fennel

Price: $36.00 Qty:

2013 Reserve Pinot Noir

The Reserve Pinot Noir is comprised of the most robust and exeptional barrels from the vintage. The reserve is aged in a bit more new oak than the estate to add elegant caramel and spices. This 2012 version offers ripe dark fruits and structured tannins and acidity. The wine will being to open up in Spring 2014 and will age well for up to 7 more years. Flavor profile: Bing cherry; Japanese plum; Herbs de Provence; allspice

Price: $44.00 Qty:

2012 "Stained" Grenache

This is our second ever 100% concrete aged and fermented red wine. The concrete allows the Grenache to really shine, it doesn’t impart any flavor but it does allow the wine to age as the vessel is quite porous. 2012 was a warm year for Grenache, with an Indian summer, raising the sugars up toward harvest. Even without the influence of oak, this is a layered and complex wine.

Price: $40.00 Qty:

2011 Grenache

The 2011 grenache is limited quantity from a cooler vintage. During its development, it gathers its composition from the terroir which is expressed in the finished wine – lovely red fruit with savory notes, as well as impeccable balance. The wine shows well now but will aged well until 2018. Flavor profile: fresh cherries; pomegranates; rose petal; allspice

Price: $40.00 Qty:

2011 Estate Syrah

The Syrah from our estate vineyard is similar to those Syrah’s of the northern Rhone region of France. Like the Grenache, the Syrah truly reflects the terroir it’s surrounded by. This wine is showing exceptionally well right now, late 2013, and will continue to stay the same for the next several months and age gracefully until 2018. Flavor profile: blackberry; nutmeg; vanilla; cinnamon; dried herbs; smoked meats

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